Website History

February 28, 2015: Addition of research pages, some of which have been offline in-between due to restructuring.

February 21, 2015: Major update to the navigation of the site, introducing a drop down menu that makes all pages directly accessible; minor content updates.

December 14, 2014: Updates on the publications and myself pages.

June 15, 2014: Addition of the transliteration of the Vajrāsana verses to the Konchokling picture gallery; addition of a research page on Mustang, and update of the publication section.

June 12, 2014: Addition of the documentation of the mahāsiddha cave of Konchokling in Mustang.

February 1, 2014: Minor updates of the publications and myself sections.

January 1, 2014: Alchi Lönpo Chörten at Alchi added as documentation gallery; minor corrections since the last major update.


The surprise request to remove my ITBA site from the server at the University of Vienna with less than a month notice initiated a flurry of changes on this site. To fully integrate the pages and documentation galleries originally housed at that site will take considerable time.


The banners on top of the page change randomly at each load. Now their number approaches 500, and more are to come. All the banner photographs used on this site are mine. I hope you enjoy them.


December 20, 2013: My web site on Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Art (ITBA) will be discontinued soon and is now been integrated in this page. The ITBA site has been created to publish general information on sites and art I and some colleagues have been working on, as well as material complementary to published works. Since such work is not acknowledged much, I could only take very little time to add and update content there.

September 29, 2013: Update of several sections, in particular research and myself.

August 19, 2012: Now all galleries are filled with at least a first album. The additions include the documentation of a passage chörten in Tangye village, Upper Mustang.

August 5, 2012: After a lot of experimenting I am bringing the first picture galleries on-line. This comes along with minor major and changes to the site. Now PDF copies of my articles that are older than five years can directly be downloaded from the publications page.

Last week of June 2012: Shift from discontinuing MobileMe to a new web host and an own domain (; minor updates throughout the site.

ITBA History
  • 19.4.2006: Pages and galleries on Basgo and Poo added, including all illustrations of the Poo manuscript. These are the first galleries using a Gallery 2.
  • 2.1.2005: Introductory text on Gumrang and Gumrang sculpture gallery added.
  • 16.8.2004: Introductory texts on Lalung and galleries of the Lalung sculptures added.
  • 10.4.2004: Introductory texts on Alchi, Ropa and Nako added along with clay sculpture galleries of these sites and a clay sculpture gallery index.
  • 24.2.2004: Introductory texts on Poo and Tabo monastery and its ancient Main Temple added and complemented by three galleries featuring the complete documentation of the clay sculptures there.
  • 8.5.2003: Launching of this website based on the more general content of my previous home page.
Technical Information

The design of the site has been chosen to get away from the common portrait web site layout and to enable large picture banners. Another goal was to use CSS throughout, including layout. After some back and forth, I finally made the site in Dreamweaver CS3, even though this version of the program did not fully support the CSS implementation I used. This CSS layout is based on a flexible grid example of YAML (= yet another multi column layout).

In between I tried many other programs for restructuring, since Dreamweaver, which I had, was far from being intuitive. However, iWeb was too restricted, RapidWeaver not much better and a disappointment, and Flux, which I tested for that purpose only, was even more difficult for implementing a YAML based layout.

25.11.2011: Update of all CV related sections.

5.9.2011: Update of the main page and research section.

22.8.2011: Update of main page and CV details.

1.6.2011: Update of publications and a few other details.

24.4.2011: Finally the first part of the research section is back on-line. Other pages have been updated and additional banners have been added.

27.2.2011: At least the basic information, that is the professionally most relevant "myself" section, is on the new site. There are also more than hundred web banners displaying at random. The rest of the page still needs a lot of work and will need some time.

23.2.2011: The improved main page—now with changing banner picture—became a template for the other pages and the myself page has been added, with all PDF downloads updated. Minor tweaks have been applied to all pages and while other sections are still being worked on.

21.2.2011: After a long period of neglect, and an extended period of construction I have renewed my homepage completely. The page now features a more contemporary design, has a css-based layout and a larger emphasis on pictures. I hope this new appearance is more fun to read, it certainly was fun building. For this first day only the main page is up.

30.12.2009: Myself section updated.

3.5.2009: New design and Myself section updated.

11.11.2006: Research and Myself sections updated.

12.12.2005: Minor update of the Research and Myself sections

02.08.2005: Research and Myself sections, including all CV related information, updated.

13.05.2005: Publications, Lectures and CV updated.

15.08.2004: Publications, Lectures and CV updated.

05.04.2004: Publications, CV and research section updated.

12.01.2004: Publications, CV and research section updated. Lecture link deactivated.

17.10.2003: Teaching Experience added to Myself section. Lecture link activated (German).

3.9.2003: Myself and Research sections updated.

8.5.2003: This personal homepage has been separated from the content pages which are now found on an official project homepage dedicated to > Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Art (ITBA). That site now contains the general information on diverse sites as well as the material complementary to published works. The German language part serving my lecture has been deactivated.