Clay Sculpture Galleries

This page links to the picture galleries that complement the publication:

They are arranged according the hypothetical chronology of the sculptures proposed in the book. Links to place or monument names lead to the short texts introducing them collected under Sites.

The Earliest West Tibetan Monuments
12th Century West Tibetan Monuments
The Alchi Group of Monuments
  • The clay sculptures and paintings in the apse of the Main Temple at Alchi, Ladakh.
  • The sculptures of the Vairocana temple at Mangyu, Ladakh.
  • The four-armed Maitreya at Mangyu.
  • The mandala sculpture in the niche of the Assembly Hall at Sumda, Ladakh.
  • The sculptures of the Alchi Sumtsek
  • The sculptures of the Manjushri Temple at Alchi
  • The two Bodhisattva sculptures of Sumda.
  • The two-armed Maitreya at Mangyu.
  • The sculptures of the Mangyu Four-Image Chörten.